to eat an ice cream
in saint-raphaël

Ice cream from Le Pub brasserie in Saint-Raphaël

Enjoying an ice cream is a moment of incomparable happiness. Especially when it’s hot and you go out to enjoy the festive entertainment offered by the restaurant Le Pub. With friends or family, the Pub offers a multitude of fragrances that will delight your taste buds. So, are you more chocolate? Vanilla ? Strawberry? Pistachio? Raspberry? In Saint-Raphaël, there is only one place to cool off and have a good time: the restaurant Pub. Are you joining us? We are waiting for you !

  • Cappuccino
    Cappuccino 7.50€

    1 boule Café, 1 boule Caramel, 1 boule Chocolat, Chantilly

  • Chocolat Liégeois
    Chocolat Liégeois 7.50€

    2 boules Chocolat, 1 boule Vanille, nappage Chocolat, Chantilly

  • Café Liégeois
    Café Liégeois 7.50€

    2 boules Café, 1 boule Vanille, Café chaud, Chantilly.

Our Ice Cream Cups

  • Dame Blanche
    Dame Blanche 7.50€

    3 boules Vanille, nappage Chocolat, Chantilly

  • Gourmande
    Gourmande 7.50€

    2 boules Caramel, 1 boule Chocolat, nappage Caramel, Chantilly

  • Menthe Fraiche
    Menthe Fraiche 7.50€

    2 boules Menthe-Chocolat, 1 boule Chocolat, sauce Menthe, Chantilly

  • Sundae Fraise
    Sundae Fraise 7.50€

    1 boule Cassis, 1 boule Framboise, 1 boule Fraise, sauce Fruits Rouges, Chantilly

  • Fruits Rouges
    Fruits Rouges 7.50€

    2 boules Vanille, 1 boule Fraise, sauce Fruits Rouges, Chantilly.

Our Ice Creams

  • Coupe 1 Boule
    Coupe 1 Boule 2.50€
  • Coupe 2 Boules
    Coupe 2 Boules 4.00€
  • Coupe 3 Boules
    Coupe 3 Boules 5.00€

Our Sorbets

  • Fraise
  • Cassis
  • Citron
  • Citron Vert
    Citron Vert
  • Framboise
  • Poire

Our Alcoholic Cups

  • Antillaise
    Antillaise 7.50€

    2 boules Rhum-Raisins, 1 boule Chocolat, sauce Chocolat, Chantilly.

  • Bourguignone
    Bourguignone 7.50€

    2 boules Cassis, 1 boule Vanille, crème Cassis, Chantilly.

  • Colonel
    Colonel 9.50€

    3 boules Citron, Vodka.

  • Coupe Fraîcheur
    Coupe Fraîcheur 9.50€

    1 boule Menthe-Chocolat, 1 boule Chocolat, 1 boule Pistache, Get 27

  • Trou Normand
    Trou Normand 9.50€

    3 boules Poire, Alcool de Poire.

  • Dame Cubaine
    Dame Cubaine 9.50€

    2 boules Vanille, 1 boule Rhum-Raisins, Rhum brun.

Our Ice Creams

  • Vanille
  • Pistache
  • Rhum raisins
    Rhum raisins
  • Chocolat
  • Menthe
  • Coco
  • Caramel
  • Café
  • Nutella

Events related to Pub Saint-Raphaël

The pub is a restaurant located in Saint-Raphaël, a dynamic city regularly offering events. In addition to these news, the Pub restaurant organizes many events, themed evenings and music groups. Depending on the event, we adapt our dishes and cocktails with inventive cuisine. Discover all our news on our website and our Facebook page. You can also contact us for more details.

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